Valuing Diversity and Pluralism (VALDIP)

The study tours to Kiev & Kramatorsk and Berlin within the project. 2018


Financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Valuing Diversity and Pluralism: Awareness Training for Media and Civil Society Organisations from the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia

Our participants from









Project experts & their input

Ms. Violeta Wagner

is a senior project manager and coordinator at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)


Mr. Oleksand Burmahin

is an attorney at law and an executive director of non-profit organisation Human Rights Platform 


Ms. Nadezda Azhgikhina

is a journalist, human rights activist, a vise-president of European Federation of Journalists

Dr. Dmitri Stratievski

a deputy director of the Centre for Study of Eastern Europe in Berli

Dr. Evgenia Sayko

a founder of DemoSlam which is a new dialogue platform for communication on controversial topics


Participants and cities they came from

Greetings to the programm participants from Baku, Azerbaijan

Greetigs to the programm participants from Tbilisi, Georgia