Migration on post-Soviet Space

Миграция на постсоветском пространстве

Dr. Iryna Lapshyna, Dr. Sergei Abashin, Dr. Olga Gulina are the authors of this project. They analyse migration processes in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Central Asia countries in 1991-2019. The visual and informative materials shall be of interest to academics, researchers, students, and the general public and especially those  who are interested in the field of post-Soviet migration.

Ирина Лапшина, Сергей Абашин, Ольга Гулина – авторы-исследователи проекта.

Dr. Iryna Lapshyna

Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine

Ирина Лапшина

Украинский католический университет во Львове, Украина

Dr. Sergei Abashin

European University at St. Petersburg, Russia

Сергей Абашин

Европейский университет в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия

Dr. Olga  R. Gulina

RUSMPI UG – Institute on Migration Policy, Germany

Ольга Гулина

RUSMPI UG – Институт миграционной политики, Германия

The project was implemented under the management of RUSMPI UG – Institute of Migration Policy based in Berlin, Germany. The financial and administrative assistance was provided by Moscow office of the Boell Foundation in Russia. Additional informational support is provided by OpenDemocracy, RUSMPI UG, Boell Foundation in Russia, and Free Press

Финансовое и административное сопровождение проекта осуществлял фонд Боелля в России. Информационную поддержку проекта оказывают OpenDemocracy, RUSMPI UG, Boell Foundation in Russia, и пражский офис Free Press.