Migrants from Central Asia in the EU countries: a new essay written by Dr. Olga R. Gulina / Мигранты из Центральной Азии в странах ЕС: новый обзор от Ольги Гулиной.

The independent states that emerged from the wreckage of the Soviet Union are often called the “Eurasian Balkans” and the “The Grand Chessboard.” In this publication, we propose to think about how interested the population of Central Asian states is in migrating to the EU?

In ENG Migrants from CentralAsia in the EU countries: employment, education, family reunification, asylum in the EU MS.
in RUS Мигранты из Центральной Азии в странах ЕС: трудовая, семейная, образовательная и гуманитарная миграция