Media Migration Academy. Press Statement. Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Media Migration Academy                                                                                      26 Feb 2022

Press Statement

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Dear Alumni of the Media Migration Academy,

Yesterday, we woke up to a new world. Russia attacked Ukraine. We, the team of the Media Migration Academy, condemn this illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. We also consider this an offence to Europe, freedom and democracy.

This war is not only being fought by soldiers, but also by disinformation and fake news. This invasion had long been prepared for by a massive online campaign depicting Ukraine as the aggressor.

During recent years we have successfully established a network of journalists and human rights activists from Georgia, Ukraine and Russia which has been united by common values. We strive for a world in peace, where all human individuals are respected, no matter where they come from. Our manifold activities are characterized by open-mindedness and tolerance. Our work ethics as journalists are based on truth, evidence and freedom of expression.

In a crisis character is revealed, they say. Don’t let political decisions put our community at risk. Let us stick together and stand up for the values that unite us in our common work: freedom, human rights and rule of law.

Yours faithfully, Media Migration Academy’ team